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Petrol Prices Over Rs 100 In India in These Cities; Check Latest Fuel Rates Here


Petrol and diesel prices in India have not budged since May last year, courtesy of the price freeze levied by the central government. As a result, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), which usually update prices of the primary automotive fuels at 6 am every day, have not announced any changes in the price of petrol and diesel for over seven months now. The price freeze is expected to continue till such time the OMCs, such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL), recover from the losses they incurred in the past few quarters due to supply and demand shocks. Thus, on Thursday, January 5, the cost of petrol and diesel remained stable in all parts of the country.

Petrol prices in three out of the four Indian metropolitan cities continue to retail at over Rs 100. The only metro city in the nation where the cost of petrol did not go above Rs 100 was Delhi. Here, petrol was trading at Rs 96.72 per litre. On the other hand, the cost of fuel was the highest in Mumbai, where it retailed at Rs 106.31 per litre. The price in Kolkata for the same amount was Rs 106.03. In Chennai, one litre of petrol retailed at Rs 102.73.

The cost of diesel in India was comparatively cheaper. The fuel cost Rs 89.62 for one litre in Delhi. In Mumbai, on the other hand, diesel retailed at Rs 94.27. In Chennai, the per litre price of diesel was Rs 94.24. In Kolkata, the fuel retailed at Rs 92.76 per litre.

Find fuel rates in different cities in India on January 5 here:


Petrol: Rs 96.72 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.62 per litre


Petrol: Rs 102.73 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.33 per litre


Petrol: Rs 106.03 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.76 per litre


Petrol: Rs 106.31 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.27 per litre


Petrol: Rs 101.94 per litre

Diesel: Rs 87.89 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.57 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.76 per litre


Petrol: Rs 108.65 per litre

Diesel: Rs 93.90 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.63 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.38 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.01 per litre

Diesel: Rs 83.94 per litre


Petrol: Rs 109.66 per litre

Diesel: Rs 97.82 per litre


Petrol: Rs 107.71 per litre

Diesel: Rs 96.52 per litre

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