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Received a Notice From the Income Tax Dept? Here’s What You Need to Do Next


There are a number of reasons why you can receive unexpected or unannounced communication from the income tax (I-T) department. You might not have submitted your income tax return on time is just one example. Additionally, there could have been computation problems, incorrectly reported income, excessive losses, or a wrong notice sent to you.

According to Suneel Dasari, founder and CEO of, an online income tax filing portal, “Taxpayers typically receive I-T notices under Section 139(9), 143(1), 143(2), 143(3), 245, 144, 147, 148, and 156 (notice of demand) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, due to non-filing of ITR, claiming of inauthentic tax refund, hiding of taxable income, computing problem.”

But what if you received the communication from the department despite clean records? Sometimes even the IT department can send an erroneous notice. In fact, while filing ITR in case the PAN card number gets wrong, the concerned person can fall into the trap.

The concerned person can redress the issue via the portal of the Income Tax Department.

Step 1- Login to the e-Filing Portal using this link

Step 2- Select the e-File menu and click response to Notice u/s 139(9)

Step 3- Please mention the details such as ITR, A.Y, e-Filing acknowledgement no., CPC reference number, and the notice date. The status and response of the communication will be displayed. Click the submit hyperlink in the response column.

Step 4- All the identified defects from the filed ITR will be displayed to the taxpayers. Choose between yes/no from the ‘Do you agree with the defect?’ column. On choosing yes, upload the correct XML and click the submit button. On the other hand for selecting no, enter your remarks under column ‘assess remarks’ and click the submit button.

Step 5- To view the submitted response, Click the view option under the response column to know the details of the response submitted.

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