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What Happens to Unclaimed Investments from PPF, NSC or SCSS? How to Track Them?


Small savings schemes like Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificate (NSC) or Senior Citizens’ Saving Scheme (SCSS) have been popular among Indian investors. Since these schemes are backed by the government, risk-averse investors are also tempted to invest and earn a guaranteed return. But what happens when the investments made in PPF, NSC or SCSS go unclaimed due to any reason? Can the money ever be recovered?

If left unclaimed the money in PPF, NSC or any other similar saving/investment scheme is moved to a different government fund. Now, there are various government funds to handle unclaimed money for various investment schemes, insurance or even bank deposits. For example, while unclaimed bank deposits are shifted to Deposyer Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF), the unattended insurance, PPF or EPF amount is transferred to Senior Citizen’s Welfare Fund (SCWF).

So, what is SCWF and can you recover your unclaimed money from it?

Formed in 2015, the SCWF holds unclaimed deposits to PPF, EPF, recurring deposit accounts and post office saving accounts among other such accounts. Before transferring the unclaimed money to SCWF, the government tries to reach out to the policyholder.

Once the money is moved to SCWF, beneficiaries have a window of 25 years to claim their deposits. However, if the money is not claimed by the beneficiary during this period, it is finally transferred to the Central Government, as per the provision of Section 126 of the Finance Act, 2015. As the name suggests, the funds in the Senior Citizen’s Welfare Fund (SCWF) are used for various welfare schemes for elderly citizens.

If you also have an unclaimed PPF, EPF, or any other small saving account, here is how you can track it on India Post’s website

-Log on to

-Click on Banking and Remittance

-Now on the new page, click on ost Office Savings Scheme

-Select the ‘Senior Citizen Welfare Fund’.

You will be required to select the account type- Kisan Vikas Patra, PPF, Savings Bank or any other. After you submit your selection, a state-wise list containing account details will be displayed on your screen.

For details, investors may contact their nearest post office or visit India Post’s official portal.

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