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Adipurush Star Kriti Sanon Facing Backlash Over JNU Violence, What’s the Relation?


Actor Kriti Sanon has now come into the limelight due to the violence that took place in the Jawahrlal Nehru University in 2020. The actor who is portraying Mata Sita in her upcoming Ramayana-based movie Adipurush, is suddenly being trolled for one of her old tweets that she had put out in January 2020 about the JNU ruckus.

At that time a group of unidentified masked people had entered JNU and beaten up some students. The actor had come out in solidarity with JNU students. In her tweet, the actor had denounced  the”attack on JNU teachers and students.”

Kriti had written, “It breaks my heart to see what happened at JNU! What’s going on in India is horrifying!! Students & teachers are being beaten up & terrorized by masked cowards!! The constant blame game! Stooping so low for political agendas! Violence is NEVER a solution! How have we become so inhuman?”

The JNU incident

On January 5, 2020, around 100 masked individuals, armed with rods and hammers, unleashed violence at the JNU campus, attacking students and ransacking hostels and other buildings for four hours before the police intervened, leaving 36 students, staff and teachers injured. An FIR against the attack was filed and the case was transferred to the Crime Branch.

Numerous eyewitness statements and videos showed that police officers on duty at JNU did little to stop the violence in most instances and even let the assailants leave the campus unpunished.

In the latest development, scores of Twitterati have started to troll her on social media platforms. The Twitterati have called for a boycott of her upcoming movie.

This is not the first time when an actor and their movie are being boycott, due to supporting the JNU protest. Earlier, Deepika Padukone’s visit to the JNU to express solidarity with students who were attacked by a mob, created a stir, leaving Twitter divided.

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