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Amid Fee Hike Protests, Allahabad University VC Announces Reimbursements for ‘Talented Students’


Amidst the fee hike protests at Allahabad University, Sangita Srivastava, Vice-Chancellor, of the University of Allahabad in an official post stated that all “talented students” will get fee reimbursement.

In a tweet that has been put out by the university, on Wednesday, the VC stated, “The university is proceeding towards new heights. And while doing so, it is welcoming all talented students to study at the university. Fees and hostel shouldn’t be hindrances,” read the tweet.

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The VC continued by saying that the institution will repay any talented students who are unable to pay their tuition due to financial difficulties, regardless of how many there are, and will also take care of their other requirements. All of these students are welcome to complete the form provided by the Dean of Student Welfare’s office and submit it within 15 working days.

The vice chancellor continued by assuring all students that they would not encounter barriers to attending the institution if they had financial difficulties.

“Those students whose admission will be based on talent, a simple increase in fees will not be a hindrance for them. Anyway, the state government’s Ministry of Social Welfare and other ministries will refund the fees of students from economically backward categories,” the VC said in her message in Hindi.

Currently, students at Allahabad University are preparing to escalate their demonstrations against fee increases. This is the result of failed negotiations between the students and the authorities.

The university charged approximately Rs 975 per year in tuition for undergraduate programmes. The price recently increased by more than 300% to Rs 4,151. For the past month, students have been demonstrating against the fee increase.

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