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Ban on Making Friends, Clapping and Going to the Toilet Among 5 Strange Rules of Schools


Know some strange rules of schools around the world (Representational Image)

Know some strange rules of schools around the world (Representational Image)

Get to know about many strange rules and regulations in schools around the world

We all often remember the sour and sweet experiences of our school days. But what if there are strict rules like a ban on making friends and clapping in school or a limit on going to the washroom? Hardly anyone would like to remember such school days but these are real situations. There are many such strange rules and regulations in the world. Let us know about some of these:

Ban on making friends:

Students studying at Thomas School in Britain are not allowed to be friends with each other. The school believes that children feel lonely when they are separated from friends. That’s why there are some rules so that friendship does not deepen.

No make-up:

The dress code is strictly enforced in some high schools in Japan. There are also rules about the length of the hair and how the nails should be. Make-up, nail polish, or piercing are prohibited in many schools. Even relationships are banned in many schools. Regarding relationships, schools say that it distracts the children’s attention, and school drop-out cases increase.

Refusal to clap and hug:

Many children hug when they meet a friend, and they clap when something cheerful happens. But do you know that these gestures are also banned in many schools around the world? Clapping and hugging are strictly prohibited in many schools in Britain and America.

Limit on going to the washroom:

There is a limit to going to the washroom at Evergreen Park High School located in Chicago city of America. According to news from the NBC TV network, students can go to the washroom up to three times in each class. The school says that this rule was implemented so that the children do not waste unnecessary time.

Afternoon sleep:

There is a school in China in which children take afternoon sleep during lunchtime from 12.10 pm to 2 pm. The name of this school is Gaoxin No.1 Elementary School. Its purpose is to make children feel fresh.

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