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From Metaverse to Nano Learning, Trends That Will Drive the Education Industry in 2023


The teaching- learning model of education has been continuously evolving as the Gurukuls gave way to conventional schooling followed by the sea change since the advent of technology as it continues to evolve with time, giving in to the demands of an everchanging future.

The rote learning system as you can see is gradually becoming obsolete as schools across the globe adapt to liven up classrooms keeping up with the new trends in the system. Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining, so did the pandemic, which brought in its wake, a complete digital revolution of schools, in ways we never thought was possible. To the delight of all stakeholders, this form of learning was found to be more impactful in comprehending concepts and lesson retention.

2023 is going to be an exciting year to look out for as new trends are gearing up to drive the education sector.

Metaverse Education

Metaverse gives us a clear vision of the operation of the next generation internet. Soon our classrooms would become increasingly immersive and engaging as lessons get converted into virtual reality. By now we all know that every child has a different style of learning. While one child may be more visually oriented, another may be auditory and a third one kinesthetic.

Metaverse education, with the help of just a headset, would give a student, who for instance, is interested in oceanography, an opportunity dive deep into the ocean and get a 360 degree experience of the underwater life in all its richness, a student learning about the human anatomy would be able to travel inside the human body at a click or travel through space if his heart beats about the stars, moon and galaxies. So this powerful blend of augmented reality and virtual reality is going to be creating impactful ripples in the education industry in the years to come.

Nano Learning

Campuses are getting borderless as the whole world opens up at the click of a button and the internet is breaking across all barriers and making its presence felt and opening up floodgates of information and giving learners greater opportunities for upskilling themselves. Nano Learning is all set to steal the show in 2023, as the generation next, seek systems to upgrade their competencies through knowledge nuggets which would make learning, fun, more productive, effective in time compressed capsules.

Complex topics of the different subjects in school would be broken down into smaller parts for enhanced focus, ease of understanding making these bite sized multimedia-rich tutorials much in demand. The pandemic period saw a huge upsurge in short online certification courses on a plethora of topics of interest to people of all age groups and students are seen to be able to find time for such chunk sized inclusive courses which help them to add on skills of their choice be it in the culinary arts, music, dance, painting, yoga, alternative healing etc. And this is all set to move to greater dimensions covering many more skill based learning under its umbrella.

STEM-based programmes

This multi-discipline approach to Education incorporates the elements of art into the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to create a cohesive learning paradigm and encourage discussions, creative thinking and problem solving amongst students thereby developing practical skills and appreciation for collaborations by enhancing their horizon.

Personalised Learning

As educators, we know that not all students have the same forte when it comes to subjects. To help them reach the mark, they need a carefully laid down plan which can play on their strengths instead of a formula to be used on everyone. Using data analytics gathered from their needs, skills and interests, we can plan personalised learning curriculum for students which would not only help them cover the required grounds, but also be available to them via a way they understand.

Gamification of Education

When it comes to studies, most students are easily motivated by subjects of their interest or the dream of pursuing a profession of their choice. However the same does not apply to everyone, and can seem like a barrier to some. Such students need the right motivation which can be accomplished by “gamifying” education through engagement.

Gamification of education can prompt students to engage in actions that give them a sense of instant accomplishment and gratification. It will help the students immerse themselves in education and eventually master their subject matters with ease.

The year 2023 could be quite an exciting new beginning to another era of education, where we focus not only on learning facts, but also realising how we can better our learning. It will revolve around new ideas which will lead the way to make education more accessible and effective in creating a brighter future. In the last decade we have seen education shift significantly with many changes to policies and processes. These changes are constantly shaping education to be a better medium for students to learn subjects and skills that matter.

— Written by Priyanka Gulati, Principal, Evergreen Public School

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