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Girls Accuse Hostel Employee of Recording Obscene Videos in Kanpur, Accused Arrested


Some students of a girl’s hostel in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh have accused an employee working in the building of recording their obscene videos. The police have taken, the person in question, into police custody after a complaint was filed by one of the students.

The incident took place at the Sai Niwas Girls Hostel in Kanpur where an employee was allegedly caught filming a girl while she was bathing. After the matter came to light, several girls of the hostel got infuriated and demanded that the employee be arrested, according to The Times of India.

The accused was identified as Rishi, who has been working at the hostel for the last seven years. He was recording a video through a broken portion of a bathroom door when the girl was taking a shower, reported the outlet quoting sources.

The girl allegedly saw the accused with a mobile phone and raised an alarm. This alerted other girls at the hostel who gathered at the scene and got hold of the person. The girls then checked the employee’s phone and allegedly found inappropriate videos of some of the hostel’s students in it, the report added.

According to ANI, Kanpur Police took a sweeper into custody over allegations of making obscene videos of girls at the hostel. A NEET aspirant from the hostel had filed a complaint with the police.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Kalyanpur, DK Shukla informed that the phone of the accused has been seized and sent for forensic analysis. He added that a case has also been registered and action will be taken against the accused.

The incident comes after massive protests had erupted at Chandigarh University in Punjab over alleged videotaping of female students in the ladies’ hostel bathroom. A female student and her boyfriend from Himachal Pradesh were arrested in connection with the case. Students at the campus had alleged the accused girl used to send the videos to her boyfriend who used to upload them on the internet.

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