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IIT Gandhinagar Calls for Applications to its PG Cognitive Science, Society and Culture Courses


IITGN is calling applications for its PG courses. 
(Representative image)

IITGN is calling applications for its PG courses.
(Representative image)

The last day for application is January 25, 2023.

The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) is calling for applications to its postgraduate programs in Cognitive Science and Society and Culture for the academic year starting from July 2023. Students with bachelor’s degree in any discipline can apply for these courses. The last day for application is January 25, 2023. Students can apply through the following link

The designed programs – Master of Science (MSc) in Cognitive Science ( and Master of Arts (MA) in Society and Culture ( – are interdisciplinary in nature and equip students for a variety of roles in various interdisciplinary fields.

Cognitive Science is a field that works at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, computer science, neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, while the program in Society and Culture provides exposure to key disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences, including history, cultural studies, literature, translation studies, sociology, political science and anthropology.

Highlighting the qualities of these two courses, Prof. Jaison A Manjaly, Head, Discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar, said, “The potential of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills is enormous in our times that lead us to new ways of thinking and finding a solution to a problem. IITGN has designed all of its courses to be flexible and interdisciplinary in nature to enrich and expand a student’s learning experience.”

Prof Jaison A Manjaly added, “The MA in Society and Culture helps students cultivate diverse perspectives on social and cultural factors and understand the intersections between disciplines for a nuanced view of their context. The MSc in Cognitive Science, on the other hand, offers a deeper understanding of mind, brain and cognition to decode the complexity of the human brain and behavior.”

Career opportunities and research options available to students availing of these courses are many.

For Students taking MSc in Cognitive Science, the industry roles such as Educators, User Experience (UX) Designer, Linguistic Analysts, Data Analysts, Product Developers/Designers, AI Engineers, opportunities in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Robotics, and Consumer Behavior, among other fields are there. Further, there are academic roles also such as Teaching or Research in Human-Computer Interface, Neuroscience, Decision Making etc., and International PhD in opportunities

For students taking MA in Society and Culture, they can work with non-profit (NGOs, policy think tanks), industry roles such as Journalism, Advertising/media, Communications, Writing, Human Resources. They can also take up academic roles like teaching or research in Ecological Sciences & Public Policy, among others and can do International PhD opportunities.

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