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In World of Quiet Quitting Microsoft Nadella Coins New Term ‘Productivity Paradox’, Here’s What it Means


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella might have a solution to the emerging employment trends including quiet quitting, and moonlighting among others. Nadella wants to bridge the gap between managers and employees regarding productivity.

A recent survey by Microsoft revealed that there is a miss match in the perception of productivity. Microsoft survey shows While 87 per cent of employees claim their productivity is great, almost 85 per cent of managers worry they can’t detect if workers are producing enough, claimed a recent study.

Referring to the “concern” of idle workers among managers as “productivity phobia” Nadella in an interview with Bloomberg said that this paranoia around productivity can lead to undesired outcomes like employee espionage.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, he claimed, “Leaders think their staff is not productive, whereas people think they are being productive and in many cases even feel burnt out…Bridging this productivity paradox is one of the most crucial things for us in this new world of work and hybrid work.”

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“People come to work for other people, not because of some policy,” Nadella said.

Nadella suggests that for managers to bridge paradox, they need soft skills and managerial skills but also new tools to create clarity. In increasing remote and hybrid learning set-up, the use of data to ensure that the paranoia around productivity goes away will be useful.

The statement comes at a time when Microsoft too has released tools for managers to monitor a hybrid workforce.

But even though new communication tools are putting bosses in closer contact with employees, Microsoft wants executives to know that workplace surveillance is not the answer to boosting productivity, the tech-giant suggested in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

In an interview with BBC, Nadella said that this disagreement over productivity when working from home needed to be settled as the pre-pandemic work habits won’t be there any longer

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