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Maharashtra School Bus Fees to Increase by 10% After Diwali


Following the latest hike in the CNG prices, the school bus owners’ association in Maharashtra has planned to increase fares by 10 per cent after Diwali. An official announcement of the decision will soon be made. The proposed hike will increase the monthly fare by at least Rs 200. The mid-year bus fee rise may leave parents with no choice.

“The CNG price has escalated by over Rs 30 a kg in the past year, and the latest hike on October 4 has brought the price to an all-time high of Rs 86 per kg. This has increased operational costs which is why we are demanding that the school bus fee be hiked by at least 10 per cent,” Anil Garg, a member of the school bus owners’ association told a leading news daily.

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Sanjay Naik, president of Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena told the leading daily that apart from buses, smaller vans and other vehicles are facing the burden of the CNG hike. He added that private operators were justified in increasing the rate as the cost of operation had escalated drastically in recent months.

The parents, on the other hand, are concerned that the hike will put further strain on their pockets as the fares were recently hiked by 20 per cent. If the school bus fares are increased, this will second such hike since June. According to the parents, schools have long stepped back from responsibility for school buses, reported the national daily. The parents said there must be a monthly or quarterly payment option that can be renewed if necessary.

The Mahanagar Gas Limited hike the CNG prices by Rs 6/kg 40 per cent increase in input prices by the government from October 1. Along with CNG, prices of pipelined natural gas were also hiked by Rs 6/kg. Following the hike, the retail price of CNG and domestic PNG has moved to Rs 86/kg and Rs 52.50/SCM respectively

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