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Student Ridiculed for Demanding Sanitary Pads From IAS Gets Offer for Free Education From Female Hygiene Brand


Soon after the video of Riya – the student who demanded sanitary pads – she has been offered not free sanitary napkins but also an offer to support her studies.

Riya had asked IAS officer Harjot Kaur, MD of Women Development Corporation of Bihar for free sanitary napkins for school girls to which the IAS replied next what condoms?. The response got viral.

The student has now got an offer to work for a healthcare brand focused on female hygiene – Everteen. The company has reportedly also offered year-long access to sanitary napkins to Riya for free of cost.

The company has also said to bear the expenses for her graduation. Apart from this, Riya has also been offered a commercial ad on behalf of the company.

While talking to Aaj Tak, Riya expressed happiness over this offer. She said that we should talk openly about periods. Earlier people did not talk openly which led to the topic being tabooed. But now we will make people aware. We will go from house to house and explain the period problem and offer sanitary pads to have access to clean and healthy menstruation.

Riya came to the limelight after a video of her debating with an IAS had gone viral. In a program, Riya was one of the attendee students and she raised the issue of providing sanitary pads to him.

In response to this, IAS Harjot Kaur said that the demand never ends. Today sanitary pads are being asked for free. Tomorrow, contraception will also have to be given for free. After this video went viral, the National Commission for Women issued a notice and sought a reply from Harjot Kaur in seven days.

Video of the questions by students and the officer’s testy and irritated answers at the ‘Sashakt Beti, Samriddh Bihar’ event, organized by the Corporation and Unicef, went viral on social media.

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