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Students Exceptionally Good Handwriting Goes Viral, Twitter Says ‘Proves Why Calligraphy is an Art’


Calligraphy appears to be very appealing, but it is a difficult skill to acquire. A viral video of a person’s near-perfect calligraphy skills has left the internet intrigued about the art. “The proof why calligraphy is an art,” read the caption posted with the video. The video has received close to 5 million views along with varied reactions on Twitter.

While some users praised the person’s skills, others were inspired to share their work of calligraphy. A second user joked about being okay with his writing as he posted a photo of texts that appeared almost impossible to read. “Nahh I think I’m good,” the user wrote. Another user shared calligraphy work in the Marathi language. “Beautiful handwriting. The message, less so,” read another reply.

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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. The term calligraphy is derived from the Greek words kallos meaning “beauty” and graphein meaning “to write”.  Calligraphy holds importance in many cultures, regions, and languages. It is an important component of Islamic architecture and can be seen in mosques. Nowadays it is used for designing logos, event invitations, etc.

In the Middle East and East Asia, Calligraphy is considered a major art form at par with traditions like sculpture or painting. In Western culture, the simpler Greek and Latin-derived alphabets, and the spread of literacy, have tended to make calligraphy art that anyone can learn.

With the introduction of printing in Europe in the mid-15th century, a distinct distinction emerged between handwriting and more elaborate forms of scripts and lettering. In fact, new words for calligraphy entered most European languages around the end of the 16th century. The term “calligraphy” did not appear in English until 1613. Since the 16th century book writing has been distinguished between ordinary handwriting and more decorative calligraphy.

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