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Toppers May Need to Present Docs to Verify Rank


The much-awaited Rajasthan Private Institutional Educational Regulatory Authority Bill 2022 will be tabled soon in the Assembly bringing in a series of changes in the education system, sources submitted on Thursday.

The bill, as per sources, puts penalties of Rs 1 crore on bogus claims by private coaching centres about toppers. It also endorses recalling of registration and in fact, strictly bans the glorification of toppers by putting banners, posters and advertisements.

Also, there will be a cap on advertisements, and news. Besides, toppers being claimed by coaching centres will be called with documents to verify the truth.

The bill further recommends an aptitude test which will reportedly be conducted by a competent authority before a student gets registered in any coaching centre of competitive exam. Parents also will get notification in this regard.

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A committee with academicians have drafted the bill which has shared insights on challenges of teaching a child in private educational institutes.

It also suggests appointment of counsellor as mandatory in these institutes.

As many young students are staying together in the vicinity of these coaching centres, teenage pregnancies among other issues have been cited, and hence suggestion of counselling has been forwarded.

Former education minister Vasudev Devnani (BJP) said: “The bill is in discussion since our government. However, if the Congress government tables it, there might not be time left to implement it. Government’s will power is required to implement the suggestions. However, if our government comes, we will discuss to stop exploitation of parents.”

Rajasthan Education Minister B.D. Kalla, however, did not answer calls when he was contacted.

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