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Actress Karishma Sharma Says Andrew Tate is ‘Lying’ About ‘Hook-up Incident’, Calls Him a ‘Scumbag’


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Last Updated: January 10, 2023, 19:25 IST

Actress Karishma Sharma has slammed a video of disgraced influencer Andrew Tate claiming they 'hooked up'.

Actress Karishma Sharma has slammed a video of disgraced influencer Andrew Tate claiming they ‘hooked up’.

Ragini MMS: Returns actress Karishma Sharma has said that she blocked Andrew Tate on Instagram after he sent her ‘creepy’ messages.

After coming across a video of controversial influencer Andrew Tate talking about their alleged “hook up incident”, actress Karishma Sharma has said that such a thing never happened. The Ragini MMS: Returns actress has claimed she was shocked when she stumbled upon the video which has been doing the rounds of the internet. Karishma has said that Andrew is lying.

In a new interview, Karishma said that she and Andrew never hooked up and she just wanted to come out and share her side of the story. She added that she was really happy when Andrew was arrested. Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were detained in Bucharest, Romania on charges of being part of an organised crime group, trafficking and rape.

Responding to a photo of hers with Tate and a video circulating on social media where he is seen talking about his “hook up incident”, Karishma said, “He is lying. We never hooked up. I just wanted to come out and share my side, so that people know that he is a scumbag spreading lies and just wants attention. I was really happy when he was arrested.”

Recalling her meeting with Andrew and his brother Tristan in 2014, Karishma said that she happened to meet him at a party at a hotel in Mumbai and got talking. She said that they had a normal conversation, had a few shots and he had told her that he has an Indian mother.

Karishma added that once Andrew got to know that she is an actress, she insisted on clicking pictures with her, along with the ones that are going viral on the internet. “His texts on Instagram were very weird and inappropriate. So I disconnected with him and blocked him once I realised he is a creep and he constantly disses women and I didn’t like the way he spoke about them,” Sharma added.

Karishma further expressed her disappointment after people close to her started asking about Andrew and their hook up incident. “It’s not a thing of shame if you ever hooked up with someone. I would be more than okay to (admit). After 6 years, out of nowhere he posted this. It gave me a lot of anxiety as this (whatever Tate claims) never happened. I don’t know why people are looking at me with that eye of judgement,” she said.

Tate, a 36-year-old British-US citizen who has amassed 4.4 million followers on Twitter, was initially detained on 29 December in an area of north of the capital Bucharest along with his brother Tristan, who is charged in the same case.

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