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Shweta Tripathi: Don’t Want to Limit Myself, Want to Do International, Regional Projects As Well


From Bollywood to OTT, actress Shweta Tripathi is someone who has ruled every space she has been in and she ensures that she’s enjoying whatever she is doing. The actress, who made her debut with a teenage drama in 2009, is now one of the most bankable and popular faces on OTT and has also given hitmakers on the big screen. In a free-wheeling chat with, she opened up about her working process and shared that she never wants to limit herself as an actor, to any platform.

Talking about her transition from the big screen to OTT, the Escaype Live actress said, “When you do a feature film, it ends soon but with a series, it goes on for some time. I did Golu (Mirzapur) five years back and then season 2 happened and the third season will be coming out as well. With time, you improve as a human and also as an actor. Now the challenge is to match that and take everything forward. OTT gets into layers more because people have more time. It is like making 2-3 feature films which is a very big responsibility. Also, when one episode ends, there must be a hook in it that will bring people back to the second episode. So the pressure is there as well.”

Shweta continued that she feels if she has fun working on something, then her audience will have fun watching it too. This is why the Masaan actress says she never wants to constrict herself to similar kinds of things. “I feel that if I have fun working on something then my audience will also feel the same kind of joy watching my work. This is why I don’t limit myself to a platform. I recently did an audio series, Batman, on Spotify. I had never done something like this before and it was amazing. And I think even as an actor one needs to stretch themselves. The more you explore the more you grow. So that is my learning from all these stories.”

One of her most-anticipated series Mirzapur will be coming back with its third season and the announcement of the same has piqued the interests of her fans. Talking about her character Golu, she excitedly said that this time, things are going to be even more amazing.

“It is going to be extremely enjoyable, that’s all I can say. I love Golu and I have learned so much from her. I take away a lot from my characters and coming back to them feels great. They are literally an extension of who we are, an extension of our goals, our personality. So bohot maza ane wala hai.”

The actress was lately seen in the web series Escaype Live, where she played Sunaina, a character she calls similar to her. The show revolved majorly around how social media obsession can go wrong in dangerous ways. On being asked how she distances herself from social media toxicity, Shweta added, “It has become our habit that no matter how many good things people tell us, one negative or crass comment always affects us the most. So I feel that why should we give one person that much power? God knows what that one individual is going through, whether they are in a good mood, or have they eaten anything? So I don’t want to give someone so much validation or so much power and control over me and my thoughts. Before going to bed or after waking up, I don’t immediately check my phone or read comments and reviews. I feel it is important to protect one’s sanity in today’s day and time. Not just physical fitness but mental fitness is also important and they both go hand in hand.”

Going forward, Shweta has several projects lined up, all of which will see the, trying out different kinds of roles. Asked what else she is yet to explore, she answered that she wants to play a lawyer, a teacher, and a superhero on screen. And for the latter, she doesn’t mind trying out her luck in Hollywood as well because they have shelled out several popular superhero films.

“As I said, I don’t want to limit myself. I want people all over to see my work as an actor. When Masaan went to the Cannes film festival and the reaction we got there proved that language is not a barrier because emotions are universal. And as long as people are understanding your emotions, there is no stopping you. I would also love to do international and regional projects as well. I want to learn the language and get attached to regional stories and work with those people. Whenever I watch anything like Squid Game or Money Heist, I always watch it in the original language,” Shweta concluded.

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