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10 Ways To Involve Your Pets In Mentally And Physically Engaging Activities


Being a pet parent is not easy. You need to understand your furball’s demands by observing its body language. Paying attention to their behaviour is the key. And, to keep your fur baby active and energetic, introduce these ideas and create some precious memories –

For your pups, make their mealtime exciting and mentally stimulating. Instead of putting a dollop of good food in their bowl, hide their food around the house for them to find out. Divide the food into small portion sizes and leave it at different places in the house, or in their favourite puzzle toys.

You might have seen many videos on the internet about dogs trying out complex tricks or following commands apart from the basics. You can seek inspiration and engage your dog to learn some new tricks and praise them with treats.

Get their sensory organs active by setting up a trail with hidden food in your garden or terrace.

Let them make new friends apart from the humans. Take them to pet-friendly cafes or ask your friend to bring over their dog and let them interact and play and create a bond.

You can play fetch or hide and seek with your baby. Not only will it be physically engaging for them it will also get them excited and in a playful mood.

For your kitties, offer them food in their puzzle toys as well. Their curiosity will make them play with the toy and the food will be their treat.

A simple cardboard box can be extremely stimulating for your cat. Give them things like paper bags without handles, boxes, bottles, and toys for investigation.

Take a string of yarn and hang it somewhere safe and a little beyond their reach and watch them play with it all day.

Create a nook near the window for your pet to sit and observe birds and squirrels coming in and going.

You can create a ramp in one of your rooms at various heights for your agile kitty to jump on and go about. This will give them much-needed exercise.

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