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5 Tips on How To Deal With Stress During Exams


Exams have never been easy. The sensation of a knot in your stomach, combined with parental and peer pressure, can be overwhelming. When stress levels become too high or go untreated for an extended period, it can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health. Most students associate the concept of exams with negative connotations. Here are some tips on how to manage stress during exams to help young adults break the rut and refresh their minds.

1) Engage in a physical activity:

Physical exercise is one of the best stress-relieving strategies. You will discover that getting your body moving allows you to literally sweat off anxiety, whether this is through an intense workout or by playing sports. Get your blood pounding for a few minutes or a few hours to relieve stress, and then get back to your studies.

2) Step out of the house:

To re-energize, get out of the study space. For some mental relaxation, walk your pet (if you have one) or go out by yourself and spend some time in nature. Consider something different for a while instead of only your study materials.

Meet up with a friend for a quick cup of coffee, talk about something other than your exam or paper that is due, or go to the movies together. Get up and go outside for a while, but keep in mind that you have an exam to take.

3) Write:

When you’re anxious, writing might help you identify the issues that are affecting you. It may seem obvious that studying is stressful but take a moment to consider the components of your condition that are giving you the most trouble.

You may also take a break from your studies to work on some creative writing. Get your creative juices going by writing a little poem or short story; even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer,” this will at least provide you with a much-needed break from studying.


4) Do something you enjoy:

You can unwind with your hobbies. Set the books aside and spend some time relaxing with a stress-relieving pastime. Get some exercise, spend half an hour on your favourite YouTube channel or television show, or simply listen to a couple of your favourite songs. Taking a break from your study sessions with enjoyable activities or hobbies may help reduce exam anxiety and the monotony of studying.

5) Just breathe:

Simply relax for a moment and focus on the here and now. If taking deep breaths doesn’t help you deal with your stress, you might try some of these breathing techniques. Although dealing with stress is difficult, any of these strategies will help you relax and get through difficult study hours.

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