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5 Tips To Prevent The Onset Of The Deadly Cancer


Cancer, just the name itself instils a certain level of unexplained fear in everyone. To this day, the medical fraternity around the world hasn’t been able to find a cure for the deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer caused about 1 crore deaths in 2020 and approximately 4 lakh children develop the disease every year.

Researchers have analysed data in huge amounts and assessed that the risk of cancer after the 1990s has increased exponentially. The risk of cancer in the youth and the people of age group 30-40 years have increased too. The reason for such a drastic increase is simple – poor lifestyle and diet choices.

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Everything that damages our body from alcohol to tobacco to a sedentary lifestyle has become an essential part of our daily life. The increased potency of various carcinogens around us has caused an increase in the number of deaths due to cancers in recent years. Therefore, we need to improve our dietary and lifestyle choices as soon as possible to improve our longevity and prevent the onset of cancer.

Some tips to prevent cancer are:

No Smoking – Cigarette Smoking is the biggest responsible factor for lung cancer. Smoking can also cause 14 other types of cancer. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to quit smoking immediately. It is so dangerous to smoke that the government has made it a rule to write “Tobacco Causes Cancer” on every pack of cigarettes manufactured in India.

Safe Sex – HPV (Human Papillomavirus) can cause genital blisters which is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. It can also cause several types of cancer including cervical, penis, mouth, and throat. Therefore, it is important to get your HPV vaccine and practice safe sex such as using condoms while performing intercourse.

Weight Maintenance – Being overweight or obese can cause 13 types of cancer including breast cancer, stomach cancer and cancer in the uterus and pancreas. Excessive fat increases the risk of inflammation which causes tumours in the body. Hence, avoid processed food or those which are high in saturated fats and exercise regularly.

Quit alcohol – Along with inflicting damage to the liver, this intoxicant can also cause various kinds of cancers. About a lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year due to alcohol consumption. Therefore, quit alcohol and switch to healthier drinks like fruit juice without artificial sweeteners.

Apply sunscreens – It is necessary to apply sunscreen these days. The reason behind this is that the ozone layer depletion has caused excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation to penetrate through the layer and reach the Earth’s surface. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer and people below the age of 40 years have been diagnosed with the disease in large numbers which has only increased year by year in recent times.

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