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6 Interesting Ways To Keep Your Pet Physically Active


Lack of interaction can sometimes lead to boredom in pets which can make them lazy and lethargic. As a dog parent, you must make a schedule and introduce them to fun activities to get them physically active. Dogs are curious and enthusiastic when they play, but at times, your pooch will need a little bit of push to exercise. A stagnant lifestyle for them may lead to obesity, hormonal imbalances, laziness, irritation and a lack of mental stimulation.

If you are wondering how else can you get your pet to stay active, here are a few ideas which you must go through.

Walking, jogging and running

Start off their exercise with a walk or hike. Start off with a 15-minute walk and gradually increase the time. After a few weeks, switch to jogging and then to running. A minimum 45-60 minutes workout is necessary.

Play fetch

A game of fetch will be a good workout for your pooch. You can easily train your dog for the game and play it anywhere. All you would need is a ball, stick or frisbee. Throw it and ask your dog to fetch it. Once they learn to follow your command, you can have a fun game together.

Take the stairs

If your dog remains indoors, make them take the stairs before you head out for a walk. You can either throw a ball or their favourite toy upstairs and ask them to fetch it. Reward them with love and some treats to keep them motivated.

Hide & Seek

This game will work as cognition and nose stimulation for your little canine. Hide in a spot in your house and teach your dog to seek you out at the command of ‘Come’. Once your pet learns, it will find your hiding spot from following your scent.


If your puppy enjoys a good swim, encourage them by taking them to a pet-friendly swimming pool. If your dog suffers from arthritis, then rest assured as swimming will be completely safe for them. If your dog does not enjoy it, do not force your pet into it.

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Doga for your dog

Did you know there are yoga classes for dogs? Enrol your dog on these agility classes for a good workout and help them to stay fit.

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