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6 Ways Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Romantic Relationship


Social media connects us with people whom we care about. The advent of social media has led to this urge to closely follow the lives of our peers, family members and friends. Social media has its benefits — staying in touch with those we love, networking, or meeting new friends, but it can also affect our realities offline.

It is worth noting that while social media can facilitate relationships, it can also lead to several misunderstandings in relationships. This is especially the case when it comes to spousal relationships. Course correction should be done if one partner’s time on the internet starts to change the dynamic of a relationship.

Whether it’s a “like” on a photo or a particular post, it’s easy to become jealous of our partner’s experiences online. If you’ve ever felt like you’re competing with your partner’s phone for their attention, you’re not alone.

So let us know how social media can affect your relationship with your partner.

Lack of quality time: Due to social media, there is a lack of quality time between couples. If one partner or both partners are spending most of their time on the Internet, the relationship will sour with time.

Comparative attitude: Due to social media, people start comparing their romantic relationships with other people. This can lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Feeling of jealousy: Sometimes you or your partner may start feeling jealous by seeing each other’s social life.

Difference of opinion: While you may be tempted to share all aspects of your life on social media, your partner may not feel the same way. This can lead to differences of opinion.

Long Distance Relationship: While we have noted the negative effects of social media on relationships, we should also note how social media can facilitate a relationship. Social media can prove to be very beneficial for those couples who are in long-distance relationships. With the help of social media, couples feel connected and also feel connected with each other’s relatives and friends.

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