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7 Apps To Track And Regulate Your Carbon Footprint In 2023


There is an app for almost anything these days, including energy efficiency and living sustainably. Smart software developers have stepped into making the entire process of preserving the world a little easier and, in some cases, it’s fun too, as power bills creep ever higher and then, the heavy dose of environmental awareness.

Let’s be responsible towards mitigating the climate crisis with these seven apps that can calculate your carbon footprint and help you regulate it: 


When you travel, Ecorio tracks your carbon impact using the phone’s GPS. It determines the influence you have while moving, the footprint you are currently leaving, and the potential annual footprint you could leave if your behavior doesn’t change. After you’ve seen what your footprint looks like, the app offers you suggestions for taking action, such as cutting less on high-impact travel, being inspired to explore greener options, or buying carbon offsets via Google Checkout. By picking an option from the “What if I…” field, you can instantly see how much your carbon footprint can be reduced by doing so.

Ecorio can also use GPS to track your driving patterns and provide you with driving efficiency information. Say you’re not driving very efficiently and would prefer to skip it entirely. Through Google Transit, Ecorio can suggest several public transit options. Or, it can connect you to Zimride so you can locate someone to carpool with.

Zero Carbon

In comparison to its competitors in the App Store, Zero Carbon is a global Carbon Foot printing application. It not only informs you of the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by your everyday activities at home and at work and your impact on the environment, but also offers advice on how to lower your emissions. You can better educate yourself on the carbon footprint and the objectives of how to take care of the earth by sharing your results and future environmental commitments with your Facebook friends. You can even use it to fund initiatives to reduce emissions, which will lessen the overall impact of your actions.

My Planet

You can observe how your daily choices affect the small corners of the earth with the help of My Planet. Start by individualising and claiming your world. Then we’ll quiz you to see how environmentally conscious you are. Your responses will have a subtle effect on the world you’ve made. The app allows you to learn useful hints, post your accomplishments on Facebook, respond to the first 10 questions, and then one every day watch how the world is still being shaped by your activities

Carbon book

A part of WOCE Labs, a Non-Profit Social Initiative, the Carbon Book is a sustainability and carbon accounting solution for individuals and institutions. The app captures, calculates, and offsets carbon footprint. In addition, it acts as an aggregator for all sustainable products to promote green living. The app allows for emission calculations that are Geo specific as every country has different standards/emission calculations. All emission calculation algorithms are compliant with government/international organization standards.


With the Pawprint app, you may choose environmentally responsible options. Using a carbon footprint calculator, the app calculates your influence before providing advice on how to lessen it. The app offers feedback on suggestions for sustainability-related actions. It can be used in corporate settings as well, allowing employers and employees to keep track of actions and discuss them.

You may track both personal and professional behaviours using this app. You can track your habits and take on challenges thanks to it. You can start a group to combat climate change, or you can even join one that already exists. The Pawpoints you have accumulated can be given to various organisations that support climate change initiatives.

Earth Hero

 The Earth Hero app directs you toward actions you can take to combat climate change. It gives you the ability to monitor and calculate your carbon impact and offers about 100 customizable actions under different categories. Additionally, you can establish green objectives and tell other people about your actions.

You must respond to a few short questions in order to launch the app. Following your responses, it displays a relative emission chart that is specifically tailored to you and compares your carbon emissions to those of the rest of the globe and your own nation. You can make goals for lowering your carbon footprint. It also suggests developing routines for carrying out the same actions.


A lifestyle app and carbon footprint monitor, Adva. With the use of behavioural insights, the app calculates your annual carbon emissions. The app also creates a personalised carbon reduction plan for you in addition to this. With an evaluation of your food and mobility choices, as well as built-in GPS tracking that enables it to determine the carbon emissions of your transportation activities, it aids in understanding the effects of your lifestyle.

You can accomplish Adva’s daily activities and responsibilities to win rewards. Additionally, you can build a virtual planet and watch how your actions affect it in real time.

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