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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting A New Mom And Her Newborn Baby


Everyone adores a newborn child. However, whether a newborn is at home or in the hospital, it’s important to securely check on them to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep your visit as brief as possible if you must. The main reason is that the couple and those caring for them will already be exhausted from the labour and interruption of their sleep cycle; if you stay longer, you risk taking away their opportunity to rest.

Therefore, it’s crucial to be cautious and take all necessary safety measures when visiting the infant.

Request a convenient time to visit
Every new mother has a timeframe for when she will be willing to welcome guests. She might be prepared to visit you as soon as the hospital or weeks later, once she’s more at ease. If she isn’t ready to receive guests quite yet, don’t get upset or take it personally.

Don’t show up unannounced
Set a time in advance with one of the parents, and show up at that time. Don’t even think about knocking on their door without first talking to them.


Call ahead to see if the new mother needs anything
Your friend will most likely be confined to her home for a few weeks. So, before you go to see a new mom, call her and let her know you’re going to a certain store and ask if she needs anything from there.

Don’t get kids along
It is advisable to leave your children behind if you have them. The last thing new parents want to deal with is a hyper child who calls out for your time and presence.

Don’t visit if you’re sick
Making sure you don’t see the newborn if you are sick is the most crucial thing to remember before scheduling your visit.

Don’t visit empty-handed
Make sure you don’t bring oversized teddies or flowers to welcome the newborn. Carrying some colourful and attractive balloons, new baby clothes (parents will need a tonne of them), hand sanitiser, or best of all, giving a gift card to a baby store so that parents may choose what they want to buy, would be preferable.

Wash your hands
Always wash your hands before carrying the baby, and if you have a cough or an infection of any type, please wait to visit the infant until you are fully recovered.

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