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8 Mistakes Bloggers Make That You Should Avoid


‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit,’ said Richard Bach and we cannot agree more.  And building a blog is no different. It is creatively satisfying and fulfilling. Showcasing your writing to a world of readers from diverse backgrounds and geographies sounds super exciting. With the advent of technology combined with content marketing, every business is investing their time and money in writing and promoting blogs. However, many bloggers who are just starting out are prone to making certain common mistakes that can jeopardize their position with the readers.

Having been a blogger for more than a decade now, Richa Singh, CEO and Founder, Blogchatter speed dials on mistakes you can avoid and tips you can imbibe.

  • Eagerness to write non stop

Focus on strategy rather than quantity. Enjoy the process of publishing. Market it on different platforms. See how it is performing. Make your notes so you can keep your learnings in mind while writing more content.

  • Learning all at once
    No matter how intelligent you may be, you cannot learn everything that is available to you because learning is an ongoing process. Keep a track of your pace so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

And always keep some space to learn new tricks that come up in the industry – for example how to use social media to be a better blogger.

You cannot grow in blogging unless you have a tribe of people – both readers and fellow bloggers – supporting your vision and being the champions of the content, you create. There is nothing lonelier than being a blogger without a community to back you up. Quickly figure out relevant communities and join them. Give love to get love, do not be selfish when it comes to reading other bloggers – they will reciprocate in style.

  • Buying every online course available on blogging

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is buying every other online course that you come across. It is not at all necessary to buy because most of them are available for free on other video platforms. You can certainly buy their subscription later if they add value to your blog. Or you can learn by doing. Basically, learn as you do and do not expect everything to come by in formal instructions.

  • Shying away from social media

If you do not talk about your work, no one is going to talk about it. There is a lot of content out there and if you do not market your content well then chances of people discovering your blog are low. As social media connects two people across the world, it does the same for a blog and its audience too. Make your presence felt by talking about your work.

  • Mistaking blogging with Instagramming

I have been voicing my opinion for a long time now that Instagram may help you promote your blog, but not the content. Remember when you search a particular term, what comes up is a blog post and not the Instagram feed. Your blog is your permanent address.

  • Shying away from technicalities of blogging
    Now that you have started blogging as you have a passion for the written word. You would want to grow your business or you want your name to be on a published book. But you cannot reach there if you ignore things like SEO, page views, bounce rate, and reading time. Enough and more is available on this – spend thirty minutes each week to pick on the tech bits as well.
  • To choose a niche or not to choose

I have never been in favour of bloggers choosing a niche and sticking only to that. You are a blogger so under that category, you can add what you want to write. However, I will say this that if you have 10 categories on your blog, make sure you give each of them time and space. And that you have some love and understanding of this category. For example, if you are not an expert, don’t give nutrition or health related advice.

In a nutshell blogging is so much like life – do not rush into it with overwhelming vigour but rather measured steps and tricks. Discover your own path to create a different online persona that stands out.

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