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Change Your Skincare Routine After Your 20s For A Healthy Glowing Skin


Have you wondered how some people have radiant skin even after crossing into their 40s or 50s? Well surprisingly, the answer lies in taking care of your skin in your 20s. While you may be struggling to make time for a proper skincare routine, just a simple skincare routine can make a world of difference. As you age, your skin might exhibit signs of ageing like fine lines, dullness, and dryness. These changes happen as new skin cells production is slowed due to age or environmental factors. A good skincare routine can help slow down these issues and keep your skin healthier for longer.

Here are some steps that you should consider adding to your own skincare routine:

 Cleansing – Cleansing your skin at least once a day helps remove the layer of dust, pollutants and dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. Using a face cleaner instead of soap prevents your skin from drying out and keeps the skin soft.

Exfoliation- While cleansing removes some dead skin cells, exfoliation can remove dirt, debris and dead cells from clogged pores. Using chemical exfoliators for deeper exfoliation can result in much healthier skin. Make sure to exfoliate the skin at night, and not daily, as your sensitive skin should not be exposed to dust, UV rays, pollution, etc.

Sunblock – From infants to the elderly, protecting the skin from harsh ultraviolet rays is crucial to prevent signs of ageing. Make sure to cover your neck, back of the ear, and nape as well. Opt for a water-resistant sun block with at least SPF 50.

Serums – There are multiple serums available to address various skin issues. Make sure you apply serum to a damp clean face before you apply any creams. You can use a facial roller or gua sha to incorporate the goodness of the serum deeper into the skin.

Eye cream – The skin under our eyes is extremely delicate and with age, it can get dry and have dark circles as well. Using an eye cream and gently massaging around your eyes can help tighten your skin in the area.

Hydration – Hydration is very important for skincare. Drink plenty of water and fluids like fruit juices and smoothies. You can also boost your hydration by eating fruits and vegetables with higher water content. Use hydrating facial masks and gels for extra hydration.

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