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Cook Healthier Versions Of Your Favourite Fried Food With Air Fryer


The air fryer has been the talk of the town off late It became quite popular as a healthy, guilt-free, and insanely-less oil alternative to deep-frying foods. Due to this, air fryers have garnered popularity and are slowly becoming much-needed kitchen appliances at home. Your french fries and chicken wings will taste the same but will have lower fat content in them as air fryers fry foods by circulating hot air around them and needs less oil.

However, if you are still sceptical and need more convincing, here are some of the benefits of using the air fryer –

Healthy cooking

One of the reasons why people buy air fryers is to cut down on deep-fried food. It uses very little oil for cooking which can make your samosa or fish finger healthier.
Efficient and easy to use

Other than being a healthy replacement for deep frying, the air fryer is fast and easy to use as well. However, an air fryer serves other purposes as well apart from frying food. Instead of using a microwave, you can defrost frozen foods, especially meat. It needs minimum to no pre-heating time. You can use it for grilling, toasting, baking, roasting, etc. So instead of relying on outside food, you can now make restaurant-like food in a much healthy and quick way.
Crispy and Crunchy

The taste of fried food gets enhances because of its crunchy and crispy texture. The air fry can mimic the same, by using less oil. All you might need is a tablespoon of oil and you can munch on your fritters and crisps all you want.

Reheat food

Apart from cooking, you can use the air fryer to reheat food. It reheats food quickly, prevents overcooking and burning of food, keeps the food crispy, and makes it taste fresh. Reheating a pizza in an air fryer will make it crunchy, and the toppings feel fresh.

Easy to clean

Air fryers are delightfully easy to clean. If you clean the appliance after every use, then it will require minimal effort. You can just add some soap and water to the basket and clean it out. You must deep clean the appliance including the coil at least twice every month.

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