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Deck-Up Your Homes With All Things Fall


Pumpkins, leaves, plaid decor, and warmed-toned blankets, are some of the classic fall decor ideas and forever favourites. Bring the outdoors inside by hanging a DIY wreath made of fresh flowes and fall leaves on the inside of a window. Decorate the mantel with seasonal flowers, also it’s the season to pad your bed, windowseat and armchairs with colourful pillows and blankets in rich fabrics and autumnal shades.

This autumn, spice up your home with some motifs enhancing the beauty of dried leaves, floral wreaths, and colourful fall flowers.

Following are some trends that can amplify your space:

“Your interiors will undoubtedly be cheered up by a marriage of greenery and red. Try cushion covers with the lotus and mandala patterns since it instantly warms up a room,” says Krsnaa Mehta, Exec Director, India Circus.

Opt for a spring bloom wallpaper and bring the season of spring inside. “The blooms’ dominant presence in the design gives it a new feel. As the name suggests, this is a perfect addition to your space for the perfect fall season,” adds Mehta.

A hand woven flatweave with tropical plants and leopard prints in the pattern will add heat and texture to your living area.

Square-arm sofas and square shaped chairs are in vogue. “Slanted, bended and asymmetrical furniture rose to popularity during the 70s, and the delicate outline is getting a significant rebound story 50 years later. Carry effortless lines into your design with statement making furnishings like a cascade foot stool, a curved closet or a bended couch,” believes Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder, Spacemantra.

“An exquisite blend of the fall season hues can enhance the beauty of the place and incorporating happy and bright colours in home decor and furnishings can truly make your space warm and inviting,” says Lokendra Singh Ranawat, CEO, WoodenStreet.

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With each season comes a requirement for a revive. Consider restyling your shelves or glass front kitchen cupboards. “A little tidying up can assist with establishing the vibe of the space or add a sensational dramatic feel as the days get more limited. Start with trading out a couple of your favourite coffee table books and adding one exquisite piece,” says Raghunanadan Saraf, founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture. Fall is the ideal chance to clean up your space and cause it to feel somewhat cozier and give it that genuinely necessary warmth.

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