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Did You Know That Potatoes Offer These Skin Benefits?


Potatoes are perhaps the most popular ingredient in Indian recipes for centuries now. In fact, the potato is also one of the favourite foods around the world, loved for its versatility and adaptability. Along with its ability to blend in various dishes, the vegetable has several health benefits too. One of the lesser-known facts about potatoes is that they have numerous skin benefits. According to, some of the benefits that potatoes provide to the skin include:

The anti-inflammatory properties of potatoes can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamin B6 and C, along with potassium and flavonoids, present in the vegetable can reduce irritation, itching, redness and inflammation.

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The starch in potatoes absorbs excess dirt and oil and gives the skin a refreshing texture.

Potatoes also help in revitalizing and nourishing the skin.

The kitchen staple is rich in antioxidants, which protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Potatoes improve complexion, nourish the skin and improve skin tone, along with tightening loose skin.

Thgis versatile vegetable help sin reducing acne on the skin. Vitamin B6 present in potatoes help in maintaining healthy sebum production and regulates hormones that affect the skin texture.

There are several ways to apply potatoes to your skin. Some of them are:

Potato powder – Mix a tablespoon of potato powder with yogurt or rose water and apply it to the face and neck for 15 mins. It can work wonders to remove pigmentation.

Potato pack – Make a face pack with potato, aloe vera, neem, cucumber extract and Vitamin E. Apply the pack to the face, as well as the neck, and leave it for 15 minutes. The pack can help in reducing dark spots, acne and tan.

Potato juice – Potato juice, which is extracted from the vegetable after washing and peeling it, can be used to improve skin tone.

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