Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Do Winters Cause High Blood Pressure? Details Inside


Winters bring with them a lot of cosy scenarios and a chance to choose outfits as there are innumerable jackets, sweaters, and overcoats to choose from. Moreover, your favourite snacks, hot beverages and more.

However, winters not only bring good times but also a host of changes in our bodies. One of them is blood pressure. This is because the blood vessels contract and expand a little according to the temperature. During winter, low temperatures cause the blood vessel to temporarily narrow which in turn leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Medical professionals suggest that it is quite normal to have increased blood pressure during winter. But people who already suffer from high blood pressure can be at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

In addition to having narrow blood vessels due to which more force is required to carry the blood through the vessels, reduced physical activity during cold winter days is another contributor to high blood pressure.

Fried and spicy food that is considered extremely tasty is in fact as bad for health as it tastes good. While people should avoid having it at all costs, fried and spicy food becomes increasingly popular during winter. Such food plays a big role when it comes to high blood pressure.

The problem can also prove to be fatal in the older population. A long list of comorbidities that affect old age groups along with high blood pressure can take a turn for worse as soon as winter strikes. Therefore, it is important to protect the elders, take necessary precautions and prepare a diet chart that can help families stay safe and healthy.

Along with a healthy diet, it is important to keep physical activity levels up too. If you cannot walk outside during winter, opt for a home workout session. Such improvisations can help you continue your healthy routine too.

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