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Expert Shares Overlooked But Essential Part Of Healing Acne


Acne can be frustrating, especially if it develops right before a major date or when you’re supposed to be somewhere important. Anyone who has struggled with recurrent acne is aware of how difficult it can be to get your skin to recover. But say no more. It is about time that you end this cycle which often seems interminable by an overlooked but essential part of the healing process. Do not know what we are talking about? Take a look at Acne Nutritionist, Katie Stewart’s Instagram post.

Katie claims that exposing your skin to the Sun is a necessity if you want acne-free skin. However, it is essential to aim for safe sun exposure, which is the early morning sun, to enjoy its health benefits and prevent adverse effects.

Wondering how the Sun is linked to Acne?

It kickstarts the release of cortisol:

When the light enters your eyes, it quickly releases cortisol (stress hormones) for about 30-45 minutes until it reaches peak and declines. Low Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) leads to making you feel sluggish as you wake up. Cortisol imbalance leads to increasing pore-clogging sebum. However, sunbathing post-waking facilitates CAR.

Deep sleep:

When you sleep well, your stress hormones (cortisol) decrease. Sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in cortisol, which causes stress. Increased cortisol levels mean more inflammation. As a result, sebum production also increases. Not sleeping properly can also reduce moisture levels, which manifests in redness, dryness, and acne. To avoid this, Sun is your savior. Sunlight resets your circadian rhythm, which is your sleep and wake cycle.

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Boosts Vitamin D:

Katie claims that as per several studies, the majority of the population that has acne is deficient in vitamin D. In addition to being important for the immune system, Vitamin D is excellent for hormonal health, the two things that have a significant impact on acne. When you expose your skin to the Sun, it facilitates the production of Vitamin D in your body.

Now that you know why it is important to expose your skin to sunlight, make sure that you get 15-20 minutes of morning sunshine without the use of SPF.

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