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Five Benefits Of Desi Ghee For Overall Health And Wellness


Nowadays people shy away from eating ghee, as it’s loaded with fats and calories.  While that is true what most do not know is those fats play some of the most important roles in keeping us healthy. Ghee is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats. Yes, fats should be consumed in moderation but studies show that healthy fats are required to absorb essential vitamins and minerals with other benefits. Kajal Wattamwar and Bushra Qureshi, dieticians and co-founders, Healthy Steady Go spill the beans on ghee and its benefits.

Improves gut health
Studies show starting your day with fat first, improves insulin response, and improves gut bacteria diversity. A spoonful of ghee before sleeping can help relieve constipation, in turn improving digestive health.

Strengthens bones
Vitamin K present in ghee helps with calcium absorption. Other vitamins like vitamin A, are responsible for absorbing vitamin D. Ghee is also responsible for prevention of tooth decay and atherosclerosis.

High smoking point
Indian cooking requires a high smoking point, which oils like olive oil do not have. Ghee does not break into free radicals at a high temperature making it perfect for Indian cooking. Free radicals are responsible for cancer amongst many other deadly diseases.

Boosts immunity
Ghee is rich in Butyric acid, which helps in producing T-cells to fight diseases and boost immunity. Ghee is also loaded with antioxidants; it helps body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients which reduces chances of falling ill.

Improves overall health
For years, ayurveda has been advocating consumption of desi ghee for numerous reasons. Moisturizing and nourishing skin, lowering bad cholesterol, and improving good cholesterol, boosting metabolism, anti fungal properties along with boosting energy among many many others.

A deal breaker would be quality of ghee these days. Its highly adulterated with other oils. So, make sure you are buying good quality A2 grass fed ghee only. Making ghee at home is easy too.

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