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Five Ideas To Warm Up Your Living Space


The living room is where we spend the majority of our time. Be it watching Tv, playing games, entertaining guests, or just spending time with the family and munching on snacks. Our living room decor has to undergo some tweaks to suit the weather conditions. Switching from an airy vibe to opting for cosier options with brighter and bolder shades is what winter decor is all about. So, before you get ready to throw some amazing parties or get-togethers, here are a few tips on how you can make your living room winter-ready.

1. Curtains

Opt for thermal curtains and pair them with a sheer curtain in the middle. The thermal curtains will keep the heat trapped in the room and make you feel cosy. The sheer curtains will help in the daytime to allow the sunlight into the room through the window or doors.

2. Carpet

Rugs or carpets become a focal point of the living room. A shaggy and soft rug will make the room cosier and keep the heat in during chilly winter afternoons. If your living room has a subtle shade palette, you can add a pop of maroon to your carpet. However, if you have bulky furniture in dark colours, choose a lighter shade of carpet like off-white, beige, light grey, or cream-coloured.

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3. Throw covers 

A throw cover is a versatile piece of home decor. This can help you add warmth to your room. Make sure that you buy the right colour and the right material. You can either choose a contrasting colour or opt for a nude-coloured shade. For material, fleece may offer you warmth while a cotton-polyester blend is low-maintenance and easily washable.

4. Candles

While a candle may not provide warmth like a fireplace would do to the den, candles can elevate the aesthetics and add a cosy ambience to the room. Choose jar candles and light them in the corners of the room. This accessory will light up the corners and add a magical touch to the decor. You can opt for scented candles as the scent can evoke and heighten the feeling of warmth.

5. Throw cushions

Throw cushions can warm the place up and add tons of character to your home during the colder months. They can make your home look and feel comfortable. Choose luxurious fabrics with textures to add a snuggly feel to your living room. Materials like velvet add a rich and classy look. If you want textures, check out the soft fuzzy cushions or pillows for a proper winter-ready home.

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