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Follow These Tips To Get Darker Henna


Since we have already entered the festive season aren’t we excited for everything more? Of course, yes. Starting with Navratri, several festivals are coming our way including Karwa Chauth, and as we take its name one thing that comes to our mind immediately is Henna. As they say, “Darker the Henna, the deeper the love between you and your partner.”

Well, it might sound cliche but it is what it is. And if you are wondering how to get the darker Henna this festive season, we are here to help you. Follow these tips and thank us later!

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Use sugar and lemon

The henna on the hands eventually dries and begins to come off and this results in not-so-dark Henna. In this case, mix lemon juice and sugar and apply it to the Henna on the hands and feet with cotton. Not only will your mehndi stick to your hands for a longer time, but also will improve its colour.

Try cloves

You can also use cloves to darken the Henna’s stain. For this, bake 3-4 cloves and crush them. Now mix it into your regular Henna paste.

Apply mustard oil

Most of the women wash their hands with water to get rid of the Henna. But, to make the henna dark, it is better to remove it with mustard oil. For this, apply mustard oil to the hands and slowly remove the Henna. On the other hand, instead of mustard oil, you can also use eucalyptus oil.

Try to avoid water

After applying Henna, try to keep your hands away from water. Do not touch the water for at least 5-6 hours as it will make the colour lighter. The one common mistake that all women make is that they wash their hands to get rid of it, but what they can do is rub it or may scrape all the Henna.

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