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From Clothes to Cars, Items You Just Cannot Clean With Dishwash Liquid or Soap


Use of dishwash liquid for cleansing of kitchen utensils is very common and it is done in almost all households. Some even go further and use it to polish some corners of the households. However, you should know that dishwash liquid is not to be used for all substances and can have harmful effects on some. We are here to tell you about the times you should not use dishwash liquid or soap.

Do not wash clothes with dishwash

It can be tempting to wash your clothes using dishwash gel or liquid in the absence of detergent but not only does it not remove stains, but it will also cause the color of the clothes to fade.

Do not use dishwash for non-stick utensils

Non-stick utensils should not be cleaned with dishwash used for cleaning common utensils. Due to being made of cast iron, non-stick utensils neither burn nor do they get greasy. Therefore, to clean non-stick utensils, normal soap or salt can be used.

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Do not wash car with dishwash

Dishwash contains chemicals that can not only make the colour of your car fade but also cause stains on the window panes. It is better to use a chemical free shampoo to wash your car instead.

Do not allow contact with leather products

You should know that washing leather furniture, clothes, purse or shoes with dishwash not only causes the leather to lose its shine but also makes it weaker, leaving it susceptible to wear and tear.

Do not polish your floor with dishwash

The use of dishwash to clean the floor of the house is common. But although it is not immediately visible, with time, you will notice white stains on the floor. You can instead use lemon juice, white vinegar, tea leaves or floor cleaner to polish the floor of the house.

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