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How To Eliminate Stress From Taking Over Your Life? Know Here


Young workers are no strangers to the rigours of workplace stress—be it working continuously without stopping to take breaks, dealing with unsupportive bosses and colleagues or overt work pressure. A research study undertaken by the American Institute of Stress further proved the infamy of workplace stress by stating that “40% of individuals reported that their work-life is stressful and it affects their productivity.”

The study also went on to mention that almost 42% of respondents reported that “yelling and other verbal abuse is common” in their workplaces. As such, how can you ensure that you successfully handle stress at the workplace and not let it hamper your peace of mind?

While stress is unavoidable, it is not unmanageable at the workplace. There are several ways through which you can work efficiently, manage your time better, and ensure that you don’t get burnt out. Read on to know a few effective ways to handle workplace stress.

Communicate your needs to managers/peers — It’s important that you understand what are the immediate causes of workplace stress for you. Be it the inability to make it on time for meetings or skipping meals to get work done, speaking to your manager or colleagues to figure out the best possible solution for you is always a recommended idea. Maintaining a proper flow of communication with your peers will make sure that you don’t find yourself under extreme duress.

Take regular breaks— While it may feel like taking breaks will only slow you down at work, it is not the case at all. Taking regular breaks, stepping outside to breathe fresh air, and including a few easy-to-do physical exercises in your daily work schedule could make a world of difference to your stress levels. Also, make sure that your work hours are separate from the hours that you spend on leisure.

Find time for hobbies and other activities— While many adults may claim that they don’t have a hobby as such, however, any and all activity that brings you joy may be considered a hobby. Activities such as maintaining a journal, going on hikes or long walks, exercising, cooking, music or any other activity that soothes your soul, will ensure that you don’t feel overstressed at work.

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