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Indulge In These Classic Coffee Recipes


A cup of coffee is one that can energize you in the morning, warm you up in the nail-biting cold months, refresh you before that big interview, keep you awake on those boring concalls, and even catch you up with your loved ones.

A staple in most Indian households, coffee has made a long journey from tropical Africa to the breakfast tables around the world.

On international coffee day, today, we bring you the classics and coffee cocktail recipes. Make the most of the day by indulging in these.

Cafe Mocha by Barista

100% Arabica Coffee infused with hot milk garnished with chocolate syrup on the top

Hot milk is poured over Espresso Shot which is brewed at a specific temperature, Chocolate syrup topping is used to garnish the drink on the top by our skilled baristas

Classic Cappuccino by Barista

Hot milk coffee made from 100% Arabica beans with option of hazelnut or caramel or vanilla flavour

Espresso Shot brewed at a specific temperature is infused with hot milk
Hot milk is frothed and gently poured over the espresso shot by a Barista
Latte art is created on the top of the beverage during this pouring process by our skilled Baristas
Flavors are added per guest preference.

Madikeri Mudslide at RCB Bar & Café 

This delicious drink combines Baileys, Kahlua coffee, cinnamon cordial, and cream to create the ideal pick-me-up. Its rich and balanced bittersweet flavor makes it the perfect cocktail for your next brunch…or even an after-dinner treat!  


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