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Know Its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention


Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and insecurity that arises when confronted with a difficult situation. This feeling causes immense harm to the body. Normally, it disappears when the situation, which seems difficult, ends. However, heart palpitations and other physical symptoms caused by anxiety can be immensely painful. Therefore, it is important to know about the symptoms, causes and prevention of this problem.

What are the causes of anxiety attacks?

Family or relationship problems
Family or relationship problems can keep a person’s mind distressed for a long time. This can make an individual vulnerable to anxiety attacks.

Chronic health condition:

Pain caused by long-term health problems and its side effects also leads to anxiety. Patients tend to feel anxious about the treatment, its cost and other aspects related to the health condition.

Work pressure:

Tough conditions at the workplace cause stress and trigger anxiety in an individual. Pressure to finish a lot of work leaves no time for personal life.

Anxiety attack symptoms:

Not being able to relax

People who are suffering from anxiety attacks will never be able to calm their minds and relax. This will result in problems like brain fog or an overworked brain.

Seeking reassurance from others

Patients suffering from anxiety will always try to seek comfort from other people. They don’t realise that seeking reassurance will never end.

Fearing the worst

There are many instances where minuscule problems have a disastrous effect on some individuals. They start fearing the worst and end up suffering from anxiety attacks.

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How do prevent anxiety attacks?

Healthy diet

Unhealthy eating habits can play a major role in increased anxiety levels. Cut down on unhealthy snacks and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet instead.

Increase your social circle

Spend time with friends, family and relatives. Hanging out with your loved ones can help you divert your attention and keep anxiety attacks at bay.

Pursue new hobbies

Engaging in new hobbies or activities can take the mind off of difficulties for a while. These hobbies can include reading, gardening, dancing, drawing or even practising a sport.

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