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Know The Problems Newly Wed Couples Face and What They Can Do To Solve Them


For any recently married couple, it is crucial to understand that the first year of marriage is incredibly important. You must have heard of the adage ‘first impression is the last impression.’ The first year of marriage is somewhat similar. The entire foundation of marriage is based on the kind of connection you form at that time. We understand that it is hard for couples to adjust during the initial phase. Marriages involve moulding your life goals while keeping the needs of your better half in mind. Getting jitters already? Worry not. Just like always, we have answers to all your problems. The most common problems that newlywed couples come across and the suggested solutions might come in handy.

Huge transition:

Being single to becoming a team of two is a huge transition for both men and women. Although, it is comparatively more difficult for women as they have to learn to adjust to a new family. Responsibilities on both men and women spike. As a result, it may become difficult for them to strike a balance.

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Solution: Talking things out and ensuring that your relationship is built on trust. Additionally, developing an understanding solves most of the problems.

I need my Independence:

No one likes to be answerable to anyone these days. And so, being independent is the best way out. Getting married post being independent for several years becomes a little difficult. As a result, it makes you wish you were back to being single.

Solution: To avoid any conflicts, understand that you are not alone anymore. You are equally responsible for everything. As long as you maintain team spirit, you should be fine.

Difference in opinion:

Now that you are with one another all the time, there will be several times when your opinions may differ. As a result, it may facilitate conflicts.

Solution: The best way out of this is to have effective communication and find a middle ground.

It is not just your family:

When you get married, it is not just you who gets tied up for life. Your marriage also marks the union of your families. Since it is hard for most of us to accept and approve of the fact, it becomes the root cause of many arguments.

Solution: Forming a good bond with your partner’s family is extremely crucial. It lays down a strong foundation for your future life. Additionally, by doing so, you can avoid most of the conflicts.

Way of romance:

The notion of romance may differ from person to person. While some people may be more expressive and inclined towards PDA, others may not. This, as a result, may lead to disappointments.

Solution: Communication is the key. Let your partner know what you expect from them.

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