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Looking Great Is Intimately Tied to Mental Health And Here’s How Dressing Up for Festivities May Help


You’ve probably heard the saying, “look good, feel good,” and it’s often real. It’s simple to let emotions of despair and isolation take control if you never take the effort to dress nicely or even put on a matching outfit at all. What could seem like the perfect leisurely weekend can rapidly devolve into hopelessness. Due to the fact that you haven’t gotten out of bed, dressed, or done anything with your day, you may start to feel unmotivated, ugly, and lazy. Put on a decent clothing and take care of your appearance to increase your likelihood of feeling good, rather great.

Now that Navratri is here, we have a great excuse to deck up. Across the country, people are celebrating the nine-day event with a lot of fervor and zeal. Festivals can support mental health in a variety of ways. During this period, people can shut out their worries and concerns about the future and get into the festival mood. People will have a lot to look forward to this year, including garba evenings and visiting Durga Puja pandals.

But before everything else, it’s critical that we take care of our appearance and wellbeing. Festive meals, quality time with loved ones, and all the positive emotions increase everyone’s spirits, but there is another significant festival component that truly lifts our spirits: getting ready for the festival. Therefore, in addition to your clothing, be sure the colors you chose are appropriate. Choose something colorful if you need a real pick-me-up. What more for the ideal festival mood than bright and colorful apparel, which has been found to be associated with happiness, cheer, and vitality?

People put on their best clothes, makeup, and look forward to putting out their best style during Navratri and Durga Puja. You really don’t need to wait to get dressed until you have somewhere to go because, according to experts, eating well or looking good is actually closely related to mental wellness.  Get up every day throughout this holiday season and stick to a routine for getting ready so that you feel more like yourself. It might give you the push you require to keep yourself out of a rut and find something worthwhile to do.

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According to a study, even seemingly unimportant activities like washing and styling hair can significantly increase confidence and make a person feel extra fresh. As a result, one of the major elements affecting our mental health is beauty. You never know, but a stroke of perfectly applied kohl, a nicely done contour, or the ideal lipshade that matches your outfit might make you feel your best and forget all the doom that has been hanging for a long now. When you feel at ease and confident in your attire and the accessories you have chosen, you are looking your best.


The following factors can be used to illustrate how physical attractiveness and mental health are related:

  1. It has been proven that wearing cosmetics makes one feel sturdy. Wearing cosmetics enhances one’s confidence and sense of self-worth regardless of the situation.
  2. Studies suggest that using cosmetics may help you control unpleasant emotions. Skin care and cosmetics regimens provide consumers a sense of control (over both the process and the result), and since they offer regularity, the brain is freed from overthinking and pessimistic ideas.
  3. When lotion or foundation is applied to the skin, the hormone oxytocin, also referred to as the cuddle hormone, is released. This hormone encourages positive feelings and supports development and healing.
  4. These include, among other things, make-up essentials, routines for washing and moisturizing, and an array of skin care methods. These activities are calming to the body and mind. Skincare routines are planned, regular, and assist in lowering the stress hormone. When you are concentrated on activities like washing, toning, applying toner, moisturizing, etc., simple movements like rubbing and patting the skin lessen your heart rate and anxiety.

Skincare and makeup have similar advantages to meditation, such as increased self-assurance, a calm and collected mind, relaxed skin, fewer breakouts, and a postponement of the commencement of aging-related changes. Therefore, let’s swear to improve our mental health by just making ourselves feel and look nice over this festive season.

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