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Revamp And Go Boho With Your Home Interiors


If you are someone who appreciates the cosy atmosphere with layered eclecticism and neutral-coloured walls that looks warm, relaxed, and colourful, then the bohemian look is your calling. Bohemian is a French word for travellers, from Czech Republic’s Bohemia region.

The aesthetics of the travellers comprised a mix of textures, designs, patterns, and colours.

Bohemian-inspired home decor has unconventional, natural, carefree, and well-travelled vibes.

The layered and rich texture with hints of vintage and organic finishes can totally be a game changer for your home.

Here are some ways to add the boho look to your space –


A boho interior is incomplete without texture. Add baskets made of bamboo, macrame wall hangings, natural fibre rugs, wooden furniture, upholstery, colourful Persian rugs, and art pieces as well. Add some pillows to your couch and bring in different shapes. Keep the walls white or a light grey, and add a woven carpet, and some natural elements like wood, flowers, or plants.

Bohemian interiors have a lively vibe due to their greenery. Add some plants and cool planters with beautiful patterns or handmade or terracotta pots to add a natural touch to your space. For visual interest, you can add hanging plants or vines as well.

Seating arrangement

Boho philosophy is all about relaxing, chilling, and unwinding. You can add fun elements to your seating by opting for low-level seating options like ottomans, pouffes, or bean bags. You can also consider adding a hammock, or floor cushions as well to bring some cheery atmosphere to the room.
Avoid dark colours

Avoid dark colours for large furniture pieces and instead, opt for light-coloured furniture as it gives the room an airy look and creates an opportunity to play with colours, textures, and patterns.

Go all out with the lights. String lights, lanterns, funky chandeliers, candles, get’em all. Lighting is an important aspect of decor as it can add much more to the decor. You can mix and match different lights and their sources.
Patterned Tiles

Colourful and patterned tile work can open a whole new world for your bohemian look, especially for your bathrooms. You can choose a hexagon tile, a floral motif, or coloured tiles to create an accent wall.

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