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Tips And Tricks For Avoiding These Common Mistakes While Using Loofah


We all feel fresh and energised after bathing. While bathing, using a loofah to scrub the skin is a must as it helps to clean the dirt and dead skin cells. But, it is also essential to use the loofah properly.

Here are a few tips to avoid the common mistakes while using loofah. Let’s learn how to use the loofah properly.

1. Avoid using a loofah for a long time: Synthetic loofah does not spoil quickly. So many people use the same loofah for many months. But, it might have a negative impact on your skin. Therefore, avoid using the same loofah for a long time. Try to change it after every two months.

2. Avoid Rubbing: Women usually begin cleaning their skin by rubbing it vigorously with a loofah. But when you do this, your skin begins to sag and you can also face skin problems including burning, itching, and redness. So, use delicate strokes while scrubbing your skin using loofah rather than rubbing it. Additionally, don’t use a loofah for consecutive days.

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3. Use hot water: Using a loofah just after applying body wash can cause your skin to become dry. Soak the loofah in hot water before taking a bath. This will soften the loofah and prevent damage to your skin.

4. Don’t forget to wash: Avoid the mistake of leaving the used loofah after bathing without washing it. This may help bacteria to grow. Therefore, after taking a bath, make sure to immediately clean the loofah. The loofah should be cleaned with fresh water.

5. Cleaning the loofah: Clean the loofah at least once a week to keep it sanitised and free of bacteria. You can do this by soaking the loofah in bleach and then washing it with clean water ten minutes later. Additionally, if you’d like, you can sterilise the loofah by combining hot water and essential oils.

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