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Tips To Deal With Criticism In A Healthy Way


It is not easy to always take criticism positively. Throughout your life, you will meet a lot of people who will guide you on how to evolve as an individual. Although criticism can be hard to accept sometimes, it can help you progress if taken in the right spirit. For this, you must know how to deal with criticism in a way that doesn’t affect your mental health. According to a report by The Squadron, these steps may help you deal with criticism in a healthy way:

Listen to the other person carefully

The first step to deal with criticism is to listen to what the other person has to say without any interruption or arguments. Carefully assimilate what they are trying to convey. You can share your opinions once they’re done putting their thoughts across.

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Take responsibility

Don’t hesitate to own up to your mistakes. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. This will not only help you grow personally but also professionally.

Don’t stress out unnecessarily

We usually stress out while receiving criticism, which only makes the situation worse for us. Try to keep your mind calm when you receive constructive criticism from your seniors in a professional setting or your friends and family in a personal setting. You must realise that they are not attacking you but trying to help you improve yourself.

Don’t force yourself to listen

Only listen to criticism if you can do that with an open mind. If you do not wish to address a conversation at the moment, leave it for later to avoid misunderstandings.

Share your opinion

After receiving any sort of criticism, don’t get disheartened. Share your opinion instead. Your opinion also helps the other person have a better understanding of your take on things.

Draw a line

Criticism is necessary but it should be given respectfully. If you feel that the other person is insulting you while sharing criticism, take a stand for yourself. Remind them that you are willing to take criticism but it should be accompanied with respect.

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