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Top 5 Bengali Dishes To Relish In Delhi-NCR


After two years of the pandemic, the festivities are at peak this year. As the first phase comes to an end with Durga Puja, a part of us has departed with Maa Durga. This year was a lookback on how life was pre-pandemic in many parts of the country like Delhi-NCR with illustrious idols, memorable performances and  lip-smacking food!

Here are five places in Delhi-NCR where you can enjoy scrumptious Bengali food even after Durga Puja-

  1. Fish Orly, Bijoli Grill
Fish Orly

When we think of fish appetizers, the first thing which comes in our mind is fish fry but this dish is an unexplored gem in the gamut of Bengali cuisine. ‘Orly’ a French way of cooking used to describe batter-fried fish is incorporated in Bengali cuisine, marinated Bhetki is coated in the batter and fried to make ‘Fish Orly’. This gem is a popular delicacy of Bijoli Grill, a well known chain which also has several outlets in Delhi-NCR.

Bijoli Grill Locations- Banga Bawan, CR Park, Good Earth City Centre, Udyog Vihar, Noida

2. Puchka, CR Park


Puchka is as synonymous to Bengali cuisine as is Vada Pav to Mumbai. Every nook and corner has it’s own rendition and it is slowly making it’s way to the bylanes of Delhi. But the best still has to be in Delhi’s mini-Kolkata, CR Park. Raju Chaat Corner in CR Park Market 1 serves the most scrumptious rendition of the street food legend with a hint of aromatic gondho lebu (gondhoraj lemon) it will surely take you back to the best puchkas you have eaten!

Location- Raju Chaat Corner, CR Park Market 1 (In front of Wow! Momo)

3. Bhapa Chingri- Oh! Calcutta

Bhapa Chingri
Bhapa Chingri

Bhapa Chingri is an age-old Bengali recipe, prawns marinated in a zingy mustard sauce and later steamed in that concoction. A true representation of traditional Bengali cuisine, best served with steamed rice. Oh! Calcutta a traditional Bengali restaurant serves a delectable version of this dish. The perfect weekend venue for your lunch plans!

Oh! Calcutta Locations- GK-2, Nehru Place

4. Kolkata Biryani, Kolkata Biryani House

Kolkata Biryani
Kolkata Biryani

‘Biryani maane praan’ (Biryani is love) is a common emotion among all Bengali’s during Durga Puja or wait, always! But, finding that perfect one made with a tasty piece of aloo and egg is difficult. We have that sorted for you, Kolkata Biryani House does justice to their name and serves a scrumptious plate of goodness!

Kolkata Biryani House- Gurgaon Sector 43, CR Park

5. Gurer Rosogolla, Rosogolla Sweets Corner

Gurer Rosogolla
Gurer Rosogolla

All ends must be sweet and the perfect end to a Bengali meal is the iconic ‘Gurer Rosogolla’. Gurer Rosogolla is made with jaggery and is a seasonal sweet. Try it before you have to wait another year! Rosogolla Sweets Corner in Dwarka Sector 6 serves it piping hot and you can surely not miss it!

Location- Rosogolla Sweets Corner, Sector 6- Dwarka

These are some recommendations you can go to and we’re sure you won’t regret!

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