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Using Hair Dryer Frequently During Winter? Tips To Minimise Damage


Winters are here, and so is the need for using several heating products. From geysers, and heating pads to hair dryers, people use a variety of products in winter to either keep themselves warm or help dry things faster as the summer heat isn’t available to do the same.

Hair dryers, therefore, become a huge necessity for people — especially women, as drying their hair becomes a time-consuming task otherwise. However, people who use hair dryers frequently in winter need to stay wary of the fact that it may lead to the hair and scalp losing all their moisture.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you frequently use your hair dryer, to prevent hair damage:

Use hair dryer from a distance:

Make sure that your hair dryer is at a good distance from your scalp and hair so that the damage to your hair from frequent usage can be minimised. Using a hair dryer from a close distance can dry out your scalp and lead to hair fall. The optimum distance at which the hair dryer will do its work and cause the least damage is 6-9 inches.

Try hair serum:

Use hair serum after drying your hair with a hair dryer. This will help keep the moisture of your hair and scalp intact even after frequent use of a hair dryer. You can also use hair serum before using a hair dryer as the quoting of the serum will reduce hair damage due to heat.

Apply hair conditioner:

Conditioner helps in restoring the nourishment of your hair and protects it from the dryer’s heat. In addition to this, the conditioner also helps you achieve soft, shiny and silky hair. Conditioners help you maintain the overall quality of your hair in winter.

Know your hair type:

Before using a hair dryer, a person needs to know their hair type. Set the temperature as per your hair type. For example, high temperatures can damage your hair easily if you have straight hair. Curly hairs take more time to dry, and therefore using hair dryers at high temperatures will not cause as much damage.

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