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Why This Expert Insists We Switch From Plastic To Copper or Steel Water Bottles


Plastics are gradually being banned everywhere in the world. The reason is that plastic isn’t biodegradable which leads to several problems, including land pollution. Since plastics do not decompose, they degrade the soil and make it less nutritious, which, in turn, hampers the growth of plants. In addition to causing extensive damage to the environment, plastic also causes innumerable health problems in our bodies.

Doctor Vyshali shed light on the detrimental effects of plastics on the human body. She urges people not to drink from plastic bottles. Captioned, “There’s a reason why there were lesser disorders a few decades ago, people had better life and lifestyles. Evolution has come with a price for our health, it’s time we start making smart choices. Let’s start with ditching plastic bottles unless too necessary.”

She listed a number of reasons to not drink from a plastic bottle.

They release microplastics into our body that cause ill effects on our immune systems and can cause multiple health conditions.

Plastic also releases harmful chemical compounds. Plastic contains dioxin and biphenyl, which can cause problems such as infertility and sperm count reduction. In addition to these, it can also cause liver damage and hormonal imbalances.

When we drink or eat from a plastic container, the next thing to do is to dispose of them. This generates a lot of non-biodegradable waste that can cause harm to the environment. Plastics do not decompose for thousands of years which can cause immense harm to the environment.

She advised Instagram users to drink water from steel and copper bottles instead, to avoid such health problems. The post has more than 1.65 lakh views and over 6,300 likes.

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