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World’s Top 5 Mysterious Mountains That Prove Nature Is Crazy, Deets Inside


Mountains are not just beautiful to look at, they are thought to be near heaven. Height isn’t everything when it comes to mountains. They come in different forms and sizes, and the oddest are typically the most eye-catching. Mountains cover 22 per cent of the Earth’s land surface. Apart from the visual appeal, several mountain ranges also possess mysterious and whimsical qualities. Here’s a list of the most mysterious mountain ranges across the world.

Nanda Devi, India

Nanda Devi mountains
Nanda Devi mountains

The second-highest mountain in India is Nanda Devi. The peak is 7,816 metres high and is in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalaya area. It derives its name from Nanda Devi who is considered to be the goddess of the Chamoli, Pittorgarh, and Bhageshri Districts. There are several legend tales about the Nanda Devi mountains, and it is considered a sacred location.

Mount Kailash, Tibet Autonomous Region of China

Mount Kailash Mountains
Mount Kailash Mountains

Mount Kailash is regarded as one of the world’s most sacred mountains. The significance of these mountains is entrenched in Hindu mythology and has been passed down for decades. The people believe that Lord Shiva is still alive and well on top of the mountain. Nobody has ever been able to reach the mountain’s summit, and it is believed that there is a mysterious energy that prevents humans from reaching the mountain’s top.

Mount Sinai, Egypt

Mount Sinai Mountains
Mount Sinai Mountains

The peak is situated in Egypt. According to beliefs, it was here that God spoke to Mosses and gave him the Ten Commandments. Many people visit these mountain ranges every year because of the belief that God can be seen here. How much of it is true, no one knows.

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

View of Mt. Taranaki (Mt. Egmont), New Zealand
View of Mt. Taranaki (Mt. Egmont), New Zealand

This mountain is very important and holy to the tribes living in the area. There is a river that flows close to the mountain which makes the area livable for humans.

Rainbow Mountain, China

Rainbow Mountain
Rainbow Mountain

The vibrant and different colours of China’s Rainbow Mountain make it look unreal. The peaks, which may be found in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, are several hundred metres high. The mountains get their vibrant colours from the minerals compressed inside them.

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