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Car’s ‘Grand Arrival’ Goes Wrong as Driver Crashes Straight into Parked Bikes


A viral video shows an unfortunate occurrence with what appears to be a swanky new car. Viral CCTV footage shows an SUV with a garland draped over the front driving into what appears to be a housing complex and immediately crashing into a row of parked bikes. The location of the incident and whether or not the car was new is not known. A man opens the gate on seeing the car approaching and stands aside, making way for it to cruise in. The Tata Nexon comes in, crashes straight onto the parked bikes and almost tumbles to its side before appearing to regain some of its balance. The video cuts off as the man from before rushes to the driver’s aid, with presumably the building’s security guard running in tow.

“What a grand arrival home?” The Twitter user who shared the video wrote. The video divided Twitter users, who tried to come up with an explanation of how the accident may have occurred. Their hypotheses ranged from bad driving to excitement on getting what appears to be a new car. Sympathies went out not only for the unfortunate driver of the car, but also for the two-wheeler drivers whose vehicles are sure to have suffered some damage.

Recently, another unfortunate incident involving an SUV had gone viral. The viral photo showed a Kia Seltos SUV stuck on speed breaker at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. According to DNA, a person named Abhishek Sharma posted the photo on Twitter and called the situation a ‘masterpiece’. The speed bump is so huge that even a Seltos car with ground clearance of 190mm got stuck on it. “A big salute to the excellent engineer who made this speed breaker. Cars often get stuck on this but the administration in mum,” Abhishek reportedly wrote in his Twitter post.

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