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Do You Have Prediabetes? Avoid These Foods To Keep Your Sugar Level In Control


You must have heard about diabetes. But, are you aware of prediabetes? If not, it’s high time you get to know about it. Prediabetes is when the body’s blood sugar level is marginally higher than normal. The blood sugar level is not so high as to count it in the category of type 2 diabetes.

But according to doctors, prediabetes should not be taken lightly as people with it have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. So to keep it under control, it is necessary to make some important changes in lifestyle, like following a good diet or exercising regularly. By doing so, one can reduce the risk of prediabetes to a great extent.

Today, we are going to talk about such foods which should be avoided — so that you can control your blood sugar level.

Processed meat: Processed meats are rich in saturated fats and proteins. Thus, eating hot dogs, sausage, etc. can raise the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. So try to avoid these foods; instead of processed meat, you can include plant-based proteins like seeds, seafood, nuts, etc. in your diet.

Dry Fruits: Although dry fruits are incredibly nutritious, the calories, sugar and nutrients they contain are concentrated during their preparation, and they lose their freshness. During processing, sugar is also used with dry fruits. That is why it is very harmful to prediabetic patients and can also increase blood sugar levels.

Flavoured curd: Curd is a healthy snack and is also an excellent source of nutrients. It is very much beneficial for par diabetic patients. But nowadays flavoured curds are available in the market, which is not at all good for diabetic patients. This increases the blood sugar level, as it contains high sugar

French fries: French fries are delicious, but they contain a very high glycemic index and carbohydrates. Thus, consuming it increases the blood sugar level and insulin in the body. Eating french fries additionally will increase the chance of type 2 diabetes, which is why patients with prediabetes should keep their distance from french fries. Instead of french fries, one can have banana chips, green beans, etc.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol is not at all good for prediabetic patients. They contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause spikes in the blood sugar level.

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