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Little Boy Crying Over Homework and Refusing to Study is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today


It’s not an easy task to make kids complete their homework on a daily basis. If you need proof, we have one that will leave you in splits. Recently, a video of a little boy throwing a massive tantrum as he refuses to study has spread like wildfire on social media. In the viral clip, the boy breaks into tears when he is asked to study. What makes it funnier is his adorable reaction and funny dialogues. The inconsolable kid can be seen sitting on what appears to be his studying desk with a pencil in his hand and a notebook placed in front of him. With tears filled in his eyes, the boy refuses to study and he flips pages of his notebook.

While crying, the kid tells his mother, “Zindagi bhar padhai karte karte buddha ho jaunga (I will grow old while studying for the rest of my life).” When the mom tries to console the boy and asks why he feels that way, he cries more, “Pagal mumma (Insane mom).” The patient mother explains to the boy that it is better to be educated and grow old than to remain illiterate for the rest of his life. Watch the viral video below:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, it left netizens in splits. While a section of the internet dropped hilarious responses to the tweet, another felt pity for the little kid. A user joked even education doesn’t guarantee a job, “Phir bhi job nhi milegi.”

Another appreciated the efforts of all mothers who constantly endure such tantrums and never give up, “Let’s give it to all the moms out there who made us complete our homework.”

One more commented, “Kid summarises life.”

Meanwhile, a netizen who was left concerned with the boy’s behaviour wrote, “This is not funny not sure why people are laughing. Your kids need to enjoy studying. 98% marks do not guarantee success.”

One more blamed the education system, “Syllabus for little kids is so vast these days. They are not ready for such a burden but out of competition parents need to push them hard. Education policies need reform. I feel pity for little kids.”

The viral video has amassed over 5 lakh views and about 23 thousand likes on the micro-blogging site. The clip that was shared online on Wednesday, September 28, doesn’t reveal the identity of the family.

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