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Photo of Service Dogs Training to Sit Through Theatrical Play is All You Need to See Today


A viral photo of dogs seated at a cinema theatre has melted several hearts online. The adorable photo was shared by a Twitter user who claimed that all the pooches present in the picture are service dogs. They’ve been made to sit patiently in their services as a part of their training. Seemingly, they were watching a musical play performed by theatre actors. “Service dogs being trained to sit through a play! There are actors on the stage performing a musical for a theatre full of dogs,” wrote the user alongside the photo.

The service dogs in question were of various breeds, ranging from Golden Retrievers to poodles, and more. If the photo is anything to go by, it appears that the adorable pooches are learning how to help their owners move through the theatre without causing any disturbance for others. A theatre is a place where dogs can be exposed to different stimulations including loud noises, dark lights, and various movements. It might become a difficult task for service dogs to remain calm in tight spaces for an extended period of time. To overcome the challenge, these service dogs can be seen learning how to behave in tight quarters, except that the photo of their learning session turned out to be so cute that it ended up going viral on the internet. Take a look at it here:

Within a day the photo has amassed over sixty-five likes on the micro-blogging site. A user while hailing the picture as ‘amazing’ shared their personal experience are wrote, “I brought my service dog to a show I was movement directing and he did so well that someone in the show had to shout ‘Help’ over and over. It caused him great distress! This is amazing!”

Another commented, “I think this is my favourite picture on the internet ever.”

One more added, “That is quite simply the best photograph of the best dogs.”

Meanwhile, a user joked, “And at the end of the show, there were thundering ap-paws!”

Another wrote, “Some look a bit bored and some seem to be paying close attention to the musical. I love it.”

Services dogs are those who help people with disabilities to live an independent life.

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